Merit Badge Classes at Davis High School

September 6, 2012
REGISTRATION: Registration will take place in the Counseling Center from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Fees are to be paid at the registration. Checks payable to Davis high School or exact change please.
Call David King at 544-9553 (home) or 402-8832 (work) for information or email him at: dking@ Registration dates and class times are subject to some change during the year. Call for any updates. All classes are $20.00 each. Classes meet one hour each week for four weeks.
DATES: Classes schedules may change. Please call for current dates.
TUESDAY 4-5 PM Citizenship in the nation Rm 2207
5-6 PM Citizenship in the Community Rm 2207

WEDNESDAY 4-5 PM First Aid (Prereq: All First Aid requirements through First Class completed) Rm 2207 
4-5 PM Emergency Preparedness (Prereq: First Aid merit badge completed) Rm 2006 
5-6 PM Communications Rm 2207

THURSDAY 4-5 PM Citizenship in the world Rm 2206

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